Get to understand the project
PEPE LADY, the revolutionary meme cryptocurrency that brings you closer to the world of Loli anime. Our mission is to provide a secure and reliable platform for fans of Loli anime to trade, purchase and exchange token.
We are committed to ensuring our users have access to the best Loli anime content and to providing the highest quality service and support. With PEPE LADY, you can now enjoy a seamless and secure experience when buying and trading Loli anime products.
By strategically bringing two of the trending crypto communities which are; Pepe and Lady into PEPE LADY, we can be sure to have an exciting crypto adventure for all that are involved. We will be making the journey a beneficial one for the community members through several utility products that will be release consecutively.
With the team's solid years of experience, Pepe Lady is well positioned for a massive hype and recorgnition, through well planned marketing activities that will get the project to the very top of the crypto space, starting with the presale on Pinksale.
The project has been built in the direction of community inclusiveness, the community is afforded much consideration. Therefore, of the total 2% tax, 1% is automatically distributed to the holders. This makes PEPE LADY a project for the community, having very cheap tax of 2% on every trade transactions.
LFG guys!